Strategy & Roadmap Formulation

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Growth and Positioning Strategies for Associations

Strategic decision-making is about leadership and translating a shared vision for the future into an actionable roadmap that guides the way.


We’ll help you piece together your strategy. Through our analysis and facilitating your strategic dialogue, we will help your organization create a shared vision for the future. From this will flow organizational objectives, strategic initiatives and the prioritizing of actions.


  • Facilitate strategic dialogue that builds consensus and commitment
  • Envision and articulate desired outcomes
  • Establish growth and positioning objectives
  • Develop customer/member retention strategies
  • Translate strategic objectives into an action plan (roadmap)
  • Build a 3-year financial forecast of incremental impacts


We will then help you translate your strategy into a roadmap that addresses resourcing and the financial impact of your new strategies.


Facilitate strategic dialogue that builds consensus and commitment

We design processes that meet your unique needs. We will help you challenge assumptions and pre-conceptions, and perhaps uncover blind spots. We will engage your board and staff leadership in the types of strategic dialogue that surface actionable insights, and lead to a common understanding of what most drives value. We will help them process the tough “so what?” business questions.


Provide a Strategic Framework

We find that many organizations miss one or more important considerations --- resulting in critical gaps in their strategic thinking.   We'll provide guidance using our propriety strategic framework that will help you think systemically and make sure you connect all the dots when translating high-level strategic objectives into actionable business plans and tactics.


Envision and articulate desired outcomes

As Stephen Covey articulated in his best seller, “The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People”: “Begin with the end in mind”.   We will help your organization take a step back and consider the level of impact they seek.  Stated as future outcomes, this begins the process of creating a shared vision for the future.  And, we’ll help you articulate these in a way that they are compelling, actionable and measurable.


Establish growth and positioning objectives

From your desired outcomes flow your growth and positioning objectives.  We will help you assess options that will differentiate your organization in the marketplace and position it for long-term success.


Develop customer/member retention strategies

We will help you get a better handle on the various segments of your customers/members; their evolving needs and expectations, how they prefer to be engaged, etc.  As noted earlier, we will help you “unlock” your existing data and provide data appends that help you focus and augment your retention efforts.


Translate strategic objectives into an action plan (roadmap)

Research firms have estimated that 80 to 90% of organizations fail to effectively implement their strategies.  In our experience, engaging staff and volunteer leaders early in the planning process and in the steps that occur shortly after the planning meeting --- provide the springboard for moving quickly on the few things that will make the biggest difference.  We will help you prioritize and create timelines (typically up to 3 years) for the various activities that comprise your strategic initiatives.  We call this your “roadmap”.

For more information, check out our article, "Strategic GPS: The Missing Link for Associations in Strategy Execution." 


Build a 3-year financial forecast of incremental impacts

In creating your roadmap, we will help you brainstorm the incremental revenue and expense forecast for each major action step.  And, if desired, we will help you turn this into a 3 year business plan.

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During a complementary interview, we seek to understand your objectives & current momentum, brainstorming potential process approaches.