Market Positioning Assessments

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Test your strategic assumptions with actionable market intelligence by market or membership segment.

Growing and positioning your organization requires surfacing actionable market intelligence. To expand your reach while differentiating your organization from those providing competing solutions, we will help you:

  • “Unlock” your existing data
  • Surface and segment the insights of your customer/members via interviews, focus groups and impact surveys
  • Assess your competitive landscape
  • Identify marketplace opportunities and threats
  • Assess potential alliance partners

We will help you identify opportunities and threats that may lurk just below the surface.

Obtain Market Intelligence

As your organization assesses the value it provides, and its strategic opportunities and threats, your greatest challenge may be to obtain the right information fast enough. You need a focused “snap-shot-in-time” of actionable market intelligence.  Our consultants will help you plan and orchestrate a diagnostic assessment of your business environment and current momentum. We do this in a manner that quickly surfaces compelling opportunities, potential obstacles and strategic implications.  Then we help you prioritize your options and help you get everyone “on the same page”. 

Market positioning assessments test your assumptions about: "Why do anything different?", "What?", "For Whom?", and "Why your organization?"  Using our propriety strategic framework, we will work with your current resources and capabilities to gather and analyze the internal and external data that is most critical to your future success, allowing you to move quickly with confidence.

Unlock your existing data

We often find that clients have a wealth of hidden data, but lack the tools to access, synthesize and utilize that data residing within their existing AMS or CRM systems.  One of our consulting partners integrates marketing with technology, providing a customer-centric process and visual solutions that help you understand, leverage and expand your information to drive and maintain relevance with your members/customers.

High-impact insights

Do your “satisfaction” surveys provide you strategic insights about what you could be doing to provide additional value, or merely a report card on current services?  Important constituencies may need to be segmented into:  unique groupings of customers/ members, their customers, your alliance partners, your affiliates, etc.  We will help you find out (by key audience segment) what is most keeping them “up at night” by designing processes (surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc.) that are best suited to your specific situation.  Our clients are sometimes surprised with the responses we get; especially when the inquiry is about potential solutions to up-at-night issues and it never occurred to those constituencies that this is something our client might provide.

More than just interpreting “satisfaction”, we will help you determine the impact your organization is having.  We will help you discern such things as: Which offerings may have outlived their relative value?   How various constituencies “experience” your staff?   Who else they turn to for solutions? Do one or more constituency segments disproportionately impact your business model?

For more information, check out our article, "Power of Conducting a Member Impact Survey."

 Assess your competitive landscape

We’ll help you mobilize your existing resources to gather critical market intelligence and make a comparative assessment.  This allows you to hone-in on the compelling differentiating factors that will position your organization for success.  If you are an association executive, we recognize the sensitive nature of discussing “competitors” with your volunteer leaders, and will help you navigate those sometimes difficult waters.   

Assess potential alliance partners

We often find that prior alliances may have been entered into without really thinking through or explicitly communicating the criteria for why each makes sense.   Such partnerships may be wasting resources and missing opportunities.  Or, worst case, they can be a public relations nightmare.  We’ll help you think through the partnering criteria and expectations, and then identify opportunities for partnerships that truly create value, which may include new sources of revenue, sales/marketing outreach, and /or service delivery.