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Growth and Positioning Strategies for Associations

This white paper presents a model for examining your association’s agility to continually re-align priorities and resources with your members’ evolving outcome objectives — especially as you face competitive threats to your association.

If members are not pushing you to have a greater impact --- your association’s relevance may be in more danger than you realize.  Don’t wait until membership declines or the next recession to address it.  Organizational agility is now more critical than ever. 

As member needs evolve, various solution providers increasingly seek your members’ time, monies and “mind-share”.  Although you may have a “cash cow” like a convention, or are the only game nationally for advocacy, standards or certification, you likely have members asking: “what have you done for us lately?”   Even scarier is when they aren’t asking because of minimal expectations that you can impact the outcomes they are struggling to achieve.

Defying Gravity

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