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Brainstorm and share ideas with peers regarding how to optimize your association’s impact on your members and key stakeholders, while enhancing the health of your association.  

 Formed in 2018, this forum is for the CEO’s of small to mid-sized (generally under $8 million in annual operating revenue) national and international trade associations and professional societies based in the DC Metro area.


This forum is by-invitation-only and members make an annual commitment to each other to actively participate.  No vendors other than the facilitators from Vertical Leap Consulting.  There is a one-year membership term that involves a nominal annual fee and members take turns hosting the meetings and providing a simple lunch for the group. 

Timing & Location

This forum generally meets 3 times during the year for approximately 3 hours per meeting; beginning at noon.  These meetings are scheduled at the start of each year, attempting to avoid members’ annual meetings, etc. 


Peer dialogue format.  Based upon member feedback, the facilitators  select 2 topics in advance of each meeting to have drill-down dialogue; each being a key component to impacting members’ outcome objectives while positioning the association for continued organizational alignment and health.  We also try to reserve some time for “got to have it for tomorrow” advice from the group.

Note:  Interested in being considered as openings occur? Please complete the application on the right, and we will be in touch with you. 

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