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What You Can Expect

momentumUnderstanding your current momentum comes first

During a complementary interview, Vertical Leap Consulting will develop a preliminary understanding of your foremost concerns, perceived opportunities, current momentum, key objectives, resources, and organizational culture. We will also begin to understand your expectations and reservations about the consulting engagement. Based upon this dialogue, we will prepare a Proposal that will outline the project scope, time frames, deliverables, objectives, roles and projected cost.

flexibleFlexible approach to meet your needs

Every engagement is flexibly and collaboratively designed to meet your unique situation and current momentum. But, to give you some idea, here are some common characteristics of a typical engagement. Initially, we will facilitate discussions to surface a deeper understanding of your business issues, to include marketplace dynamics and customer expectations. This provides a foundation for understanding the integration of your business practices, business units, products, and services. These discussions will likely include topics such as: what drives value in the marketplace, your brand promise, sales/marketing, customer segments, primary competitors, business partners, governance, finance, operations, and administration. 

sniff-outWe’ll help “sniff out” potential opportunities & threats

Between meetings, time is planned for such things as: input from other business stakeholders, analysis, surfacing options, and preparing for subsequent meetings. We will agree upon the tasks/roles you would like your staff to participate in or to be responsible for, and those to be conducted by a Vertical Leap consultant. Such roles might include data collection, data interpretation, meeting documentation, strategy formulation, etc. 

unlockWe’ll help you unlock your existing data and utilize the knowledge within 

We often find that our clients have a wealth of hidden data, but lack the tools to access, synthesize and utilize that data within their existing AMS or CRM systems. One of our consulting partners integrates marketing with technology, providing a customer-centric process and visual solutions that help you understand, leverage and expand your information to drive and maintain relevance with your members/customers.


We’ll help you face your fears

As the speed of change accelerates, executives’ “up at night” issues are magnified. It’s not that you, staff and board members can’t come up with the solutions yourself; it’s that you often can’t do it fast enough. Busy fighting operating fires, it’s difficult to step back, reassess activities that may no longer drive sufficient value, understand the competition’s positioning, and brainstorm innovative solutions. We’ll help you quickly get your arms around critical market intelligence and organizational readiness to meet new challenges. Clients benefit through insights and recommendations that are finely honed, strategic and practical in the sense that they can really be implemented; not theoretical observations that sit in a report on your shelf. 


We excel at connecting the dots

We ask that you enter into the engagement with an open mind. Part of our role is to challenge your preconceptions, and to help you look at your business challenges and opportunities from various viewpoints. Likely, you already have many of the necessary ingredients for success. But, much like a garden rake, you’ll find us an effective tool to uncover, loosen, gather and shape those resources and tactics. We will provide insights about best practices and lessons learned, and serve as a catalyst for tactical implementation.

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During a complementary interview, we seek to understand your objectives & current momentum, brainstorming potential process approaches.