Building Client Relationships

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The 6 "Rs" of Our Engagement Philosophy

drivenRelationship Driven

We value the relationship we build with each of our clients. It’s important to us that you’re excited about our relationship, and we work hard to earn your respect and trust. You’ll find that we listen well, ask lots of questions, and work collaboratively. The better we understand what gets your adrenaline flowing and what keeps you up at night, the greater an impact we can have. We value you as a business colleague, with whom we expect to mutually learn and stretch. We care about your success long after our work is completed, and measure our results to make sure you have been significantly impacted, not just advised. 


You will find that we respond with urgency and commitment. You will receive prompt attention and frequent updates during the engagement.





We like to help you tackle the really tough issues, and to seek out fresh ideas and creative alternatives that make sense for you at that moment in time. We’re not there to hurriedly install an off-the-shelf deliverable. We approach issues systemically and our work is customized to best meet your objectives. We reach out to our business partners as needed to meet a broad range of your critical needs.


Your staff will find our “together, we can do this” attitude both refreshing and contagious. We honor our commitments and demonstrate courage of conviction.  We provide coaching for your staff as they face the normal human reactions of confusion, insecurity, denial and frustration that come with striving for innovation and competitive differentiation.  We help you increase organizational resilience to overcome obstacles, “naysayers”, and defenders of the status quo.


ballResults Oriented

We are driven by having a meaningful, just-in-time impact and measurable difference. Over and over, organizations have told us that prior strategic change efforts have bogged down in the muck of day to day crises and functional demands. We work with you to surface actionable insights, and to serve as a catalyst for change. By understanding how your organization drives value in the marketplace, we are able to help you identify opportunities to impact both financial and human performance. We help you rally your key business stakeholders to meet critical challenges, leverage synergies, pounce on opportunities, and build momentum. 


We work to grow your organizational and leadership capacity, not to create dependencies upon us. Our consultants have been in your shoes; having real-life experience in a variety of industry segments and forms of organization. Like you, we’ve been on the inside and have been burned by the consulting firms who have over-promised and under-delivered. We help you develop sound organizational strategy and practical, cost-effective tactics.

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During a complementary interview, we seek to understand your objectives & current momentum, brainstorming potential process approaches.