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Growth and Positioning Strategies for Associations

Steve Lane, our President, founded the firm based upon his passion for helping organizations accelerate their momentum and impact. Clients say Steve maintains an "insider perspective"; having spent 25 years on executive teams in organizations that varied widely in size, structure, and industry.

Steve newSpanning the marketplace from public to private to not-for-profit, these included: two healthcare systems, a publicly held printing corporation, a mortgage banking start-up, electric and telephone utility financing, and a wireless communications trade association. While on the inside, Steve served in various strategy, operations leadership and organizational effectiveness management roles.

A common thread throughout Steve's career has been his impact on organizations entering periods of strategic transition (deregulation, rapid growth, restructuring, IPO, technology conversion, and competitive re-positioning). Some were rapid-growth companies needing scalable practices and infrastructure, while others were mature organizations seeking to re-position in the marketplace and regain the external focus and innovation that drove their early success.

Clients describe Steve as a strategic thinker and trusted advisor who is credible with boards and staff.  With extensive experience in leading change initiatives, and an approach that is both results and relationship-driven, he provides a “real world” blend of leading-edge theory and practical applications.

A specialty area is working with in-coming senior executives during their first six months; an opportunity “window” that Steve characterizes as "fast-drying cement". 

For more information, check out our article, "The Period of Fast-Drying Cement."

Besides being active in, and a frequent speaker at, a wide variety of association, healthcare and executive forums, Steve has served on the Board of the MDSAE and has a passion for facilitating executive peer forums/advisory boards.

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