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ConnieDurcsakI've admired and benefited from Steve's counsel for more than a decade. Most recently, I hired Steve and Vertical Leap to help shepherd our organization (global trade association) through a strategic transformation, designed to help enable us to respond to a massively different emerging membership base and anticipate the needs of a dynamic industry at the forefront of some of the world's leading technological advancements. The methodology Steve used with the Board and executive staff was unique but crafted specifically for our needs and the reality of our culture. The process was intense but, in the end, engendered deep ownership by all of the stakeholders. Once effectuated, the organization will emerge as looking very different than it has in the past. But, importantly, it will maintain its essence, which has made it great for more than 65 years. Finally, while not surprising to me, it is important to note that Steve also earned the admiration of the Board members participating in the process. I suspect THEY would like to do this every year!!

Connie Durcsak, President & CEO
Utilities Telecom Council